Heart in California


What's not to like about California.  The Golden State has no shortage of natural beauty, from its fertile valleys to its beaches, mountains and deserts.  You can hike from mountain top to Pacific surf in six hours.  You can start your day in one of the most populous places on the planet and end it in one of the sparsest. 

Its long coastline, the third longest coastline of the states,  makes the Pacific Ocean a prominent characteristic.  It is perhaps the most versatile coastline in character, stretching from the tropical beaches of Baja to the rugged shores of the Pacific Northwest.  The California coastline reinvents itself in beauty over and over again as it winds its way up the Western edge of the continent. 

I recommend the following things to do in California, to anyone who has the privilege to visit there. 

  • Drink from the headlands of the Sacramento River in Shasta City Park. 
  • Journey to the lost coast. 
  • Hit the beaches in Santa Cruz. 
  • Drive Big Sur. 
  • Plus a million other things! 

I found an $8 hotel room in Corning, CA and discovered something else everyone should do—attend a Friday, Corning Union High Football game.  Sitting there in the middle of ten-thousand of their good friends will blow you away.  The buzz and excitement is an experience you'll not soon forget.   

California is by far, the most populous state in the union, counting 38 millions souls as its sons and daughters, which brings me to my favorite thing about California—Californians.  This was my "Eureka" ("I have found it") moment.  Being immersed in the middle of some of the nicest people around is an awesome experience that everyone should have. 

The Heart in California design is gold with glitter for the Golden State, and a "deep pacific ocean blue" heart, symbolizing California's deep relationship with the ocean.​

Big Sky Montana

(Photo Credit:

Not long ago, I visited Red Lodge, Montana and spent some time camping along a river in Glacier National Park.  The chiseled mountains rose up from the tracts of conifers and scraped the sky.  The physical beauty was, of course large in my consciousness, but the thing that struck me the most was the mountains.  They towered above the landscape.  They covered up a large swath of sky. As my eyes took in the glory above, it hit me.  For all the sky those magnificent mountains covered up, there was immensely more sky showing around them.  What struck me then, was the meaning of “Big Sky Country”.  It’s not a slogan.  It’s a fundamental truth of Montana’s character.  The truth of it wrapped around me—360 degrees of big blue sky.  This was the inspiration behind the Heart in Montana sticker. 


It has an over-sized heart, just like Montana painted in “Big Sky” Montana Blue.​



Love Decal = Heart Shaped Sticker

The Love Decal is a heart shaped sticker modeled after the EuroCal, sometimes called the European Car Oval.  You have seen them, oval shaped stickers with letters like "D," "UK," and many more.  These ovals were used to designate what country a car was from in Europe because boarders are many and close to one another.  The Love Decal is a heart shaped sticker that designates what is in your heart or where you love.

Over the years, the oval was used for everything like countries, states, bars, and activities.  Some of the more well-known are:  USA, OBX (North Carolina Outer Banks), 26.2 for marathon and so forth. There are 1000s if not 10s of 1000s of different designs for the oval and many overlap.  Going back to the origin, these stickers say what you are associated with and that was where Heart Sticker saw the opportunity.  Rather than the association with a thing or place, let's say that we love a thing or place by putting it in a heart.

Here is the USA oval:

Here is Heart Sticker Love Decal:

Heart Sticker simply took the oval and dropped the top and bottom to make a heart.  We kept the boarder and added letters and images of things or places people love.  Now, people can say what is in their heart or what they love today.

I love my dog.
I love marathons.
I love Oregon.

The Heart Sticker Love Decals can be found:
They include Oregon, Washington, Skiing, Snowboarding, Biking and many more.

As we say here at Heart Sticker:
"Your heart can only be in one place, but many things can be in your heart.​"

A Winter Foot Tour in Cleveland, OH

While killing time before meeting a friend, my trusty dog Bayr and I were on foot in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.  It was December 27th and the outside temperature was 24 degrees.  The wind from the lake was light that day, which made the walk bearable.  Cleveland sits directly on the Lake Eire.  If there was a wind, it would have been howling and it would have cut through me and the dog.

The city, overall, had the early, turn of some century, industrial town feel.  Many of the buildings had ornate architectural details and an over powering sense of city gray.  People were all in classic winter dress for the Midwest- black or gray long overcoats, black shoes, black hat or muffs and black gloves.  The scene all touched a part of my soul that my spirit had forgotten, since moving out West.  It was a friendly, familiar feeling and a scary one at the same time.

Bayr and I walked from the Flats to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  We toured the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ monument in the middle of city and many points in between.   Interestingly enough, we were asked for direction half-dozen times.  I guess folks would expect that someone walking with their dog in 24 degree weather was a local and not, as the case was, a tourist out for an adventure.  My response was always the same, “Sorry, just visiting.”

Bayr had a fabulous time being a dog.  Not only could he mark new, cold territory, covered with remnants of the salt from the previous snow, but he got to hunt 100's of pigeons lining each open area of sidewalk.  He crouched down into attack mode and slowly made his approach.  He inched closer and closer and then froze, inching forward again, until he sprang into action chasing the whole flock away in every direction.

We never connecting with our friend, one of the dangers of showing up in a city unannounced, and bedded down in an airport hotel.  We woke early the next morning and glanced outside and saw that 6 inches of new snow had fallen.   Being from the Chicagoland area, I knew this meant we had only one thing to do that morning.  Get the heck out of Cleveland and head south as quickly as we could.  The snow that had fallen was Lake Effect snow--snow that only falls because its close to the lake.  We knew the sooner we distanced ourselves from the lake, the better our travel day was going to be.

So we headed south and set our sights on West Virginia . . .  ​

A Job Well Done Crew

As I walked from Knight Arena to downtown Eugene, I was wondering how we ultimately did on giving away the 2500 special edition, tie-dyed, Heart in Oregon stickers.  Questions I asked:  Did all of you have a good time?  What kind of reception did you get?  Did we hit some form of critical mass on the demand side of supply or did all of you realize you got less than 10 and pocketed them all?   As always, I wish I could have given more to share but is there ever really enough?  So, how’d we do?

Dave from Tennessee strolled the path with me for a while.  He had moved from Tennessee to Bend a few months ago. All he wants to do, all winter long, is ride his snowboard and figure out how to pay to play.  I welcomed him to Western Oregon and suggested being a “lifty” for the season.  We discussed the show, Rocky Top and others.  As he tore off to grab a burrito, I asked, “Hey! Did you get your sticker tonight?”  “No I did not, what you got?”  As I handed him the Tie-Dyed Heart in Oregon, he responded, “Dude, I saw these and I wanted one so bad…thank you.”  Before Dave could slip away, I offered two more and he responded with, “So I can stoke someone else out?”  “Of course.”

And many of my questions were answered.

See you on the mountain Dave.

A job well done, Crew.

Emily from Alaska - Broke Down in Astoria

“Broke down in Oregon--have not left yet.”   This is in the top three reasons folks end up living in Oregon. 

The story of Emily from Alaska is a classic.

A resident of anchorage, this 22 year old is headed south to NorCal so she can pick Merlot grapes on her grandmother’s vineyard.  While surfing along the coast, her '89 land cruiser, complete with the high water package, lost all gears except reverse on the beach.  She was able to drive backwards off the beach and get towed to Astoria, where she waits for a new transmission.  That was three weeks ago.   For once, cash is not the problem, it’s finding the right part.  So she waits.

Her rig is well suited.  It is equipped with a 170 pound St. Bernard for companionship and intimidation, a build-in bed, and a space for her surfboard.  She had been sleeping around parking lots and rest area when we met in St. Stephens’s state park.  There was a simple mix-up; she was assigned a spot that was reserved.  There was a very nice chat between her and the folks who reserved the spot and Emily needed find a new spot. I offered to share ours.  For the rest of the night, we shared stories from the perspective of a 5, 22, and 45 year old, and professed our love for stickers.

I asked her about the culture of Alaska. “Tell me that it’s so normal, that you don’t even recognize it.”  After a few hours, she came up with Etratuf boots and Carharts.  The combination of the two is requirement to living in Alaska, as well as the dozens of coats everyone owns.  She also mentioned that Alaska has a plethora of coffee shops.

Hmmm,  maybe your heart is calling you home to Alaska if you like boots, coats, coffee, big dogs, mountains, back country camping and trucks that can go through anything.

Heart Sticker's New Shopping Cart

50% off all regular priced Heart in Oregon products during our testing phase.  We are testing our new system and offer this discount as a loyalty reward and test subject.

50off  is the discount code.

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Heart in Hawaii Market Research

Heart in Hawaii – for work and recharging

Hawaii is one of the most inspirational and invigorating places on the planet.  For 8 days, my 4 year old son and I bonded, played and did a little work together on “Valley Isle”- Maui.  Together we learned to surf on boards and bodies, snorkel with turtles, swim through waterfalls, and enjoy some amazing island people and culture.  August was a great time of year because things were less expensive than the winter time when Mainlanders are escaping winter.  We rented a car for $150 for the entire 8 days.

With Lava as the Heart of Hawaii, Heart Sticker tested 3 Heart in Hawaii designs. 

The classic- a white island chain with black boarder,

The green- a chain of green islands with white separating them,

The ocean, a chain of green island surrounded by ocean blue water. (My favorite)

    The Winner: The Classic.

    All three available in a set at:

    The Classic.  It was preferred many times over to the others.  The simple design was easy to recognize, both the chain and the heart really popped of the sticker.  My favorite, the ocean, was too much color and the lack of separation between the islands made the island chain a challenge to spot.  So the classic it is.

    The people of were so gracious and friendly.  “Mahalo, Thank you, Thank you.” was instantly the reaction when I presented a Heart in Hawaii sticker gift to many of the locals.  They could not believe a stranger came with such a meaningful gift, not to mention a second for them to share with their BFF.  In return, I recharged my spirit both personally and professional.  I gained an understanding to the meaning and more importantly the feeling of “Aloha.”

    New Employee Joins Heart Sticker Company!

    With years of experience in life and stickers, Gil Elliot proudly joins the company to move it to the next level of excellence!