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Heart in California

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What's not to like about California.  The Golden State has no shortage of natural beauty, from its fertile valleys to its beaches, mountains and deserts.  You can hike from mountain top to Pacific surf in six hours.  You can start your day in one of the most populous places on the planet and end it in one of the sparsest. 

Its long coastline, the third longest coastline of the states,  makes the Pacific Ocean a prominent characteristic.  It is perhaps the most versatile coastline in character, stretching from the tropical beaches of Baja to the rugged shores of the Pacific Northwest.  The California coastline reinvents itself in beauty over and over again as it winds its way up the Western edge of the continent. 

I recommend the following things to do in California, to anyone who has the privilege to visit there. 

  • Drink from the headlands of the Sacramento River in Shasta City Park. 
  • Journey to the lost coast. 
  • Hit the beaches in Santa Cruz. 
  • Drive Big Sur. 
  • Plus a million other things! 

I found an $8 hotel room in Corning, CA and discovered something else everyone should do—attend a Friday, Corning Union High Football game.  Sitting there in the middle of ten-thousand of their good friends will blow you away.  The buzz and excitement is an experience you'll not soon forget.   

California is by far, the most populous state in the union, counting 38 millions souls as its sons and daughters, which brings me to my favorite thing about California—Californians.  This was my "Eureka" ("I have found it") moment.  Being immersed in the middle of some of the nicest people around is an awesome experience that everyone should have. 

The Heart in California design is gold with glitter for the Golden State, and a "deep pacific ocean blue" heart, symbolizing California's deep relationship with the ocean.​

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