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Heart in Hawaii – for work and recharging

Hawaii is one of the most inspirational and invigorating places on the planet.  For 8 days, my 4 year old son and I bonded, played and did a little work together on “Valley Isle”- Maui.  Together we learned to surf on boards and bodies, snorkel with turtles, swim through waterfalls, and enjoy some amazing island people and culture.  August was a great time of year because things were less expensive than the winter time when Mainlanders are escaping winter.  We rented a car for $150 for the entire 8 days.

With Lava as the Heart of Hawaii, Heart Sticker tested 3 Heart in Hawaii designs. 

The classic- a white island chain with black boarder,

The green- a chain of green islands with white separating them,
Heart in HI

The ocean, a chain of green island surrounded by ocean blue water. (My favorite)

    The Winner: The Classic.

    All three available in a set at:

    The Classic.  It was preferred many times over to the others.  The simple design was easy to recognize, both the chain and the heart really popped of the sticker.  My favorite, the ocean, was too much color and the lack of separation between the islands made the island chain a challenge to spot.  So the classic it is.

    The people of were so gracious and friendly.  “Mahalo, Thank you, Thank you.” was instantly the reaction when I presented a Heart in Hawaii sticker gift to many of the locals.  They could not believe a stranger came with such a meaningful gift, not to mention a second for them to share with their BFF.  In return, I recharged my spirit both personally and professionally.  I gained an understanding to the meaning and more importantly the feeling of “Aloha.”

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