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A Job Well Done Crew

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As I walked from Knight Arena to downtown Eugene, I was wondering how we ultimately did on giving away the 2500 special edition, tie-dyed, Heart in Oregon stickers.  Questions I asked:  Did all of you have a good time?  What kind of reception did you get?  Did we hit some form of critical mass on the demand side of supply or did all of you realize you got less than 10 and pocketed them all?   As always, I wish I could have given more to share but is there ever really enough?  So, how’d we do?

Dave from Tennessee strolled the path with me for a while.  He had moved from Tennessee to Bend a few months ago. All he wants to do, all winter long, is ride his snowboard and figure out how to pay to play.  I welcomed him to Western Oregon and suggested being a “lifty” for the season.  We discussed the show, Rocky Top and others.  As he tore off to grab a burrito, I asked, “Hey! Did you get your sticker tonight?”  “No I did not, what you got?”  As I handed him the Tie-Dyed Heart in Oregon, he responded, “Dude, I saw these and I wanted one so bad…thank you.”  Before Dave could slip away, I offered two more and he responded with, “So I can stoke someone else out?”  “Of course.”

And many of my questions were answered.

See you on the mountain Dave.

A job well done, Crew.

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