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Love Decal = Heart Shaped Sticker

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The Love Decal is a heart shaped sticker modeled after the EuroCal, sometimes called the European Car Oval.  You have seen them, oval shaped stickers with letters like "D," "UK," and many more.  These ovals were used to designate what country a car was from in Europe because boarders are many and close to one another.  The Love Decal is a heart shaped sticker that designates what is in your heart or where you love.

Over the years, the oval was used for everything like countries, states, bars, and activities.  Some of the more well-known are:  USA, OBX (North Carolina Outer Banks), 26.2 for marathon and so forth. There are 1000s if not 10s of 1000s of different designs for the oval and many overlap.  Going back to the origin, these stickers say what you are associated with and that was where Heart Sticker saw the opportunity.  Rather than the association with a thing or place, let's say that we love a thing or place by putting it in a heart.

Here is the USA oval:

Here is Heart Sticker Love Decal:

Heart Sticker simply took the oval and dropped the top and bottom to make a heart.  We kept the boarder and added letters and images of things or places people love.  Now, people can say what is in their heart or what they love today.

I love my dog.
I love marathons.
I love Oregon.

The Heart Sticker Love Decals can be found:
They include Oregon, Washington, Skiing, Snowboarding, Biking and many more.

As we say here at Heart Sticker:
"Your heart can only be in one place, but many things can be in your heart.​"

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