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Hearts in USA

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Heart in USA

Heart in USA is the national representative of all of the Heart Sticker “heart in state designs” in one. At first glance, it appears to be a hodgepodge of colors and shapes with random hearts scattered upon it. On a deeper look, you will see each state’s collections of colors and design has meaning based upon that states history, culture, or environment.

To get to this point, took years and many revisions. It all started in Oregon with simple green heart in the state. That was the end all be all because my heart was, and is, in Oregon. Then one day I saw an identical design of a green heart in Washington. “No,” I said. The green heart is ours, the green heart is Oregon's and Oregon's only. So, to protect Oregon’s green heart, I knew, that even against my will, extension of designs unique to each state was necessary.

Over the next few years, I started working on a nation of heart in state designs. I had only two rules, only Oregon has the green heart and Oregon's design can only contain a green heart, all of the other states can have any color and any number of colors except green.

The first state on the list was Washington. How do you represent the state of Washington, The Evergreen State, with something other than a green heart? That’s a story for another blog entry.

Over the next several months, I be blogging and documenting the designs and the stories behind all of the Heart Sticker designs. I’ll say this, it was not easy, it took many revisions, some we nailed, and some were wrong. Overall, it a simple idea, mixed with passion, hard work, and a whole lot of love.

Stay tuned for the journey...

and spread unscientifically and with little thought to business and extensions.

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