Alaska Department of Adventure Sticker

Heart Sticker

  $ 4.00 

The Alaska Department of Adventure state seal sticker.

This sticker features an Alaska blackfish (Dallia pectoralis). The legends of this fish point to it being one of the most hardy fish ever.  There are even rumors of the fish being revived after being frozen solid!

All-weather vinyl sticker 

Lifespan is of 2-5 years depending on the environmental conditions.This is a decorative, self adhesive, laminated, easy to apply vinyl sticker. 

Die cut to state shape
Size: Approximately 2.5X3 inches
Sticky back for outside placement
High quality vinyl, UV protection, and waterproof






Clean and dry a smooth, flat surface. Apply the sticker from the center and smooth outward.  



On occasion, air bubbles can appear during application.  Simply pop any bubbles with a pin and press air out.  Repeat as necessary.



Place on any smooth surface: water bottle, car, bicycle, phone, laptop, etc