Big Foot "Cooler Sticker" Patch

Heart Sticker

  $ 7.00 

Your “Cooler Sticker Patch” is a ready to use embroidered, sticky-back patch for fabric or as a sticker on hard goods.  Apply to clothing, coolers, camping equipment, and so much more. 

Quick stick instructions:  Always start with, clean, dry, room temperature surface non-ridged/seamless surface. 

- Peel off backing and stick to surface.

- Press firmly on the sticker for 1 minute, focusing on the edges.

For a stronger bond: 

- Apply a low temperature iron on the “Cooler Sticker” for 60 seconds.  (Place paper towel between sticker and iron.)

- After the patch is warmed with the iron, press firmly on sticker, focusing on the edges. Repeat if desired bond is not attained.

- Sewing the edges will guarantee permanent application to fabric or other soft surfaces.

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