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Grateful Dead Liquid Lighting Bolt Sticker (Small)


Grateful Dead Liquid Bolt Splat Sticker

  • A merger of the classic 60's hippy font of the Grateful Dead, the lightning bolt of Steal Your Face, and a drop of liquid red and blue.
  • Small sticker for your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or water bottle
  • 2-inch die-cut sticker
  • Clear polyester sticker material red, blue and black printed
  • Fully licensed through GDP, Inc. 
  • Mfr: YuJean Stickers


The Grateful Dead are arguably one of the most iconic bands of all times.  Along with their cult following, the Deadheads, one could argue that the Dead were one of the most important bands of the era.  The Eagles, The Beach Boys, Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR), Van Halen, Nirvana all may have had an impact on American culture, but none in the longevity, cult following, or impact outside the music scene. Think Cherry Garcia Ice Cream and tye dye and you are thinking of the Grateful Dead.  

Bands such as Phish and Dave Matthews exploded in popularity due to the Dead Concert tours and inspired the Bonaroo Music Festival.  




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