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Oregon - Heart in Oregon OR Embroidered Sticker - Single


This is the best designed stickers brought to you by the Heart stickers. Heart in Oregon "Cooler Sticker" Patch. Is an all embroidered fabric patch with a sticky back. The design is the night sky of the Pacific Northwest. Originally created to be reusable patches for fabric, you can place these on hard shell camping equipment, and semi-ridge material such as nylon and the patch will remain for years. It measures about 4"x3.5". Our Cooler Stickers are the perfect accessory for all of your larger outdoor gear such as Coolers, Camp Chairs, Water Bottles, camping storage bins, Backpacks and luggle and travel mug or tumblers.


  • To make patch permanent place a cloth over the patch and an iron over the patch at low temperature for 1 minute.
  • Allow to cool. As we are calling these are new "Cooler Stickers" because they are the coolest stickers we have ever created.


  • Can be used as a patch on clothing or a sticker on ridged surfaces too. For Outdoor and Indoor use..
  • This is a decorative, self adhesive, laminated, easy to apply vinyl sticker.
  • We're not just here to make a quick buck, we care about our customers and our high quality products!
  • Ensure that the surface that you are applying the sticker to is dry and clean while sticking on it.
  • Peel & Stick on Laptops, Tablets, Walls, Travel Bags, Suitcases, Windows, Car/Truck Bumpers, Yet Coolers, Lockers, Notebooks, Bottles, Caps, Camping Gear, Camping Furniture, or just about anything!
  • Our Stickers are professionally made to make it so easy that anyone can do it without a problem.

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