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    Heart Sticker Blog

    Heart in Washington Design Origin

    Heart in Washington and Headed Home Sticker
    If you have been to Washington State, you have seen the green state of Washington with a white heart in the middle of if. Read the inspiration behind the Heart in Washington sticker and design.

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    How Do You Live With All That Rain?

    Oregon Rain radar

    Oregon is famous for rain. Is it true, does it really rain in Oregon as much as it they say?  Yes, it does really rain in Oregon as much as they say. In fact, it rains more than we say so we can pull a sick and twisted joke.

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    A Michigan Story and Sticker Design Story

    mackinac island hotel upper upper peninsula michigan
    Chris shares a story about growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and one of his favorite places in the world. Read also the inspiration behind the Heart in Michigan design.

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    Mt. Shasta City, California

    Mt. Shasta City, California
    Stop by Mt. Shasta City for a quick break when driving I5 in Northern California.  You'll be able to fuel your mind, body, soul and car before you head back on the road.  Make sure you have a little of the fresh Shasta water while you are there.

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