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    Heart Sticker Blog — The Sierra Nevada Mountains

    Nor Cal Love...A Place of Natural Beauty & Attractions

    Nor Cal Love...A Place of Natural Beauty & Attractions

    Northern California is home to numerous awe-inspiring attractions, natural wonders, foods to eat, wines to drink and sights to see! From the region's southernmost popular attractions in or around San Francisco. Santa Cruz and the boardwalk, Monterey Bay and Aquarium, Alcatraz Island, Yosemite National Park, The Sierra Nevada Mountains, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Golden Gate Park, Haight Ashbury and Fisherman’s Wharf.  It’s so easy to spend 7-10 days in this culture-rich section of the state.  Just north of San Francisco lives even more majestically graced attractions like Napa Valley and wine country, San Marin, The Redwoods and General Sherman, Lassen Park, The Mystery Spot, and the ever so beautiful coastline of Big Sur and Mendocino.   

    Northern California has something for everyone and we have your sticker to show how much you love this amazing part of the state.


    Get your stickers by clicking here.  Are you looking for a place to apply your sticker? Many folks place them on Hydro Flask water bottles, Yeti coolers & tumblers, and Yakima and Thule racks.

    Where to apply a sticker

    Follow your heart, it will lead you home.