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    Heart Sticker Blog — Heart in Montana

    Big Sky Montana

    Big Sky Montana

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    Not long ago, I visited Red Lodge, Montana and spent some time camping along a river in Glacier National Park.  The chiseled mountains rose up from the tracts of conifers and scraped the sky.  The physical beauty was, of course large in my consciousness, but the thing that struck me the most was the mountains.  They towered above the landscape.  They covered up a large swath of sky. As my eyes took in the glory above, it hit me.  For all the sky those magnificent mountains covered up, there was immensely more sky showing around them.  What struck me then, was the meaning of “Big Sky Country”.  It’s not a slogan.  It’s a fundamental truth of Montana’s character.  The truth of it wrapped around me—360 degrees of big blue sky.  This was the inspiration behind the Heart in Montana sticker. 


    It has an over-sized heart, just like Montana painted in “Big Sky” Montana Blue.