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    Heart Sticker Blog — michigan

    Heart in State(s): A Quick List of Meanings behind the Designs

    Heart in State(s): A Quick List of Meanings behind the Designs
    Every Heart in USA state design has meaning behind them. The Heart in Oregon has a green heart because of Oregon's trees. Heart in California has three different locations for the heart;  the state is gold for the Golden State and the heart is Pacific ocean-blue for CA relationship with the ocean. Come see what your state means.

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    Michigan - Upper and Lower | Heart Sticker Co.

    Upper and Lower Penninsula stickers available, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Heartsticker

    Heart in Michigan (Upper and Lower) | Heartsticker Co.

    Upper, Lower, Peninsula, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Heart in Michigan

    Here are a few fun facts about Michigan that you or may not know:

    • Even though Florida is known as the peninsula state, Michigan is the only state that consists of 2 (upper and lower).
    • The world’s largest limestone quarry is located within Rogers City.
    • Traverse City is the cherry capital of the world and hosts an annual week-long Cherry Festival every year in July.
    • Michigan touches more of the Great Lakes than other states and also has the longest freshwater shoreline.
    • In 1879, Detroit became the first city of the nation to have telephone numbers.
    • Speaking of Detroit, this city sits atop one of the world’s largest salt mines. Estimated to have more than 77 million YEARS of salt available, according to today’s salt rate consumption. 
    • Kalamazoo was the original home of Gibson Guitars.


    For more fun Michigan facts visit www.michigan.org or simply click here.

    For more information on Gibson Guitars, click here.

    If you’d like to purchase some fun Michigan stickers for both the “Yoopers” and “the trolls” click here.