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    Heart Sticker Blog

    VOTE "Blue and Red" 2018 Neon Sign | Sticker

    VOTE "Blue and Red" 2018 Neon Sign | Sticker

    Vote 2018 Sticker and the Meaning

    There’s a lot happening in 2018 and this mid-term vote is quickly approaching. There’s so much to know and so much to consider. We hope to provide some insight in this blog, without swaying one way or another, politically. Most of the voting will take place on Tuesday, November 6th.  In order to understand our political system and the importance of why everyone should vote, let’s start with the basics. 

    Why do we vote on Tuesday? 

    This is a tradition that began in 1845, when life was a lot simpler.  Back then, farmers needed time to travel to their voting offices and Tuesday was a day that didn’t interfere with the biblical sabbath or the Market day, traditionally on a Wednesday in many towns.   

    Who or what are we voting for?

    All 435 seats of the House of Representatives, 39 Governors, and 35 Senate seats are what and who we are voting for in this election. There are also a handful of local and city elections for Mayor and other official elect positions around the country. 

    Why does this matter?

    Currently, the Republicans hold the majority of Senate seats with 43 while the Democrats hold 24 positions.  This vote will determine the position and political party of 31 additional Senate seats. This means the Republicans or the Democrats could take control of the Senate after this election. 

    How do I know how to vote?

    There are 3 ways to vote and this is determined by which state you live in. The majority of the states have voting-by-mail and by a person as options. While only a few states voting in person only, like Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, and West Virginia.  Even fewer states are only allowed to vote by mail.  Those states include Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.  

    The purpose of our “VOTE 2018” sticker is to simply remind everyone to vote in this election, no matter what your political beliefs are.  It’s one of our rights as Americans.  It validates our opinions and helps shape our country.  If you don’t vote or participate in the elections process, then you really don’t have any right to be discontent with how your elected officials conduct their day to day business and obligations to the public in which they are meant to serve. 

    Recently, we were contacted by Cosmopolitan Magazine regarding our design for this sticker and they wanted to feature it in the late September issue. We are thrilled that this sticker has caught the eye of an internationally famous publication. They get it. The message is simple. Vote. It’s what makes us American and gives us the right to have input and weight on how we are to grow this country. We are still a very young country and have many things to learn and change in order to bring peace to the world. Voting is the beginning of this process. This sticker is a friendly reminder to everyone of legal age to vote! It’s also a reminder to the next generation of how important voting is. 

    Get your sticker today by clicking here. When you purchase a sticker from our website you'll get a FREE Sticker too. So order yours today so you can say "I Voted" and help your friends and family to remember to register to vote.  

    Our Heart Goes Out to California!

    Our Heart Goes Out to California!

    Wildfires Devastate California

    Everyone has heard by now that the fires in California have reached record size. Yosemite is closed, indefinitely, and Mendocino and Redding are evacuating. Thousands have been displaced. It's during these trying times that we are reminded where our hearts are and why.  

    California has so much beauty, vastness, diversity, and intensity. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the fires, the firefighters, the wildlife and the volunteers. We hope everyone continues to be safe and check in with their loved ones, volunteer and donate to the local firefighters!  

    Here are some ways to help: 

    Here are some organizations seeking help in their recovery efforts.

    • The Salvation Army has deployed disaster response teams to help evacuees and first responders in Redding, California, where the Carr Fire has already destroyed hundreds of buildings and threatens thousands more. The organization is collecting monetary donations from the public, which it says will go directly toward relief efforts.
    • GoFundMe has created a list of verified campaigns that are raising money for those impacted by the Carr Fire. Donors can send money to help families, residents, and firefighters.
    • Facebook has launched a crisis response page for those affected by the fires in Northern California. Users can create public posts on the page to request, find or offer help. They also have the option to donate money directly to relief efforts such as GlobalGiving.
    • The Shasta Regional Community Foundation is accepting donations for its Community Disaster Relief Fund. The money collected will be funneled to local nonprofits and disaster relief organizations.
    • The American Red Cross is providing shelter and aid for fire victims in Northern California. Those who want to help the organization can make $10 donations to the Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999 or by visiting its website, redcross.org.
    • The Wildfire Firefighter Foundation is accepting donations to help families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to assist injured firefighters and their families.

    Click here to visit our California store.

    My Heart is in (Austin) Texas

    My Heart is in (Austin) Texas

    Ahhh… Austin, you are one of my favorite places on earth. 

    My weekend adventure started on Friday afternoon with a quick flight from Albuquerque to Austin to celebrate my best friend’s birthday, and ended Sunday afternoon. 

    While traveling with a group of women can feel like trying to wrangle an octopus into a small mesh bag, we were able to absorb so much food and culture and live music in such a short period of time!

    Home Slice Pizza Door in Austin TexasAfter some Homeslice Pizza (yum!), we found an amazing band at the iconic Continental Club and danced the night away. Continental Club Neon Sign in Austin Texas

    Barton Springs Pool in Austin TexasSaturday daytime brought relaxation at the Barton Springs Pool, a three-acre pool fed from underground springs where Robert Redford learned to swim.

    Midnight Cowboy Speakeasy in Austin TexasOur evening began with drinks at a Midnight Cowboy, a hip Speakeasy in a former brothel. You can only enter with a reservation and special code, so make sure to reserve early! 

    A jaunt down Rainey Street with fun bars in old houses led us to 6th Street and more music, DJs,and spectacle!  

    Sunday morning, we ate a delicious breakfast at Enoteca Vespaio (note: get the Polenta, you will thank me) and it was time to bid adieu to my beloved city. 

    As Mark Stuart sings in “Austin Night” with The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, "I lost my heart in the heat of an Austin night."

    I most definitely left part of my Heart in Texas.

    Until the next adventure...

    guest blogger, sticker lover