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Small Foot: The Movie & Musical Promotes Heart Sticker's Yeti

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Yeti Stroll Sticker from Heartsticker Co Now Available Small Foot Movie

Small Foot: Meet our Yeti Stickers

      Yeti Feet Print Sticker Small Foot Yeti Movie Sticker from Heart Sticker Co

There’s a new movie coming out called Small Foot and it’s on to appear in theatres, or so they say!  It’s a cute little movie/musical about a friendly young Yeti named Migo.  Migo is a lot like many of his human counter parts.  He believes in something that his kind of creature has written off as a myth: humans! For decades now, we humans, have been divided into two types of people: believers and non-believers.  We’re not talking about religion, aliens or the big bang theory but instead we are of course talking about Bigfoot, Sasquatch and of course their arctic cousin- The Yeti!  You see, Migo, is a yeti that claims to have seen a real human being.  After confessing what he saw and telling his family and friends, Migo was banished from his village.  This is similar to what happens to those “believers” of bigfoot and yeti alike! Often times, their families, friends and even co-workers will make jokes about it or make fun of them for believing.  Migo sets out on an ambitious adventure to find the tall tale mythical creature: humans! There have been and there still are lots of similar adventures that human beings all over the world embark on every year.  Bigfoot aka Sasquatch hunts.  They’ve even made reality TV shows about such “hunts” and “searches.” 

Yeti Stroll Sticker Small Foot Movie by Heart Sticker Co

Some of the cast of Small Foot (Warner Bros) include some of the same cast from Lego Batman, Over the Edge, Chicken Run and James and Giant Peach.  Channing Tatum is Migo, LeBron James as Gwangi and Danny DeVito as Dorgle. 

The movie’s release date is Friday September 28th in theatres across the country and all around the world.  It’s projected to be the next big craze of animated creature movies.  Check local listings here

Yeti Foot Print Small Foot Movie Yeti Feet Sticker

I guess you could say that Heart Sticker Co. has always been a little ahead of the curve or the latest craze.  You can show your love, support and belief for Yeti, Migo, and other mythical creatures all around the world with our creature stickers.  We have the Bigfoot Stroll, Hang Loose Bigfoot, Bigfoot in My Heart, Bigfoot in California, Montana, Oregon and Washington.  Our newest Bigfoot Stickers include the Tribal Bigfoot and the Bold Colorful Bigfoot.  We also offer Yeti decals and stickers.  We have the original Yeti Stroll Sticker, Yeti Embroidered Sticker Patch and the Yeti Foot Print Stickers.  In addition to these favorites we also have some other creature stickers.  Our Owl Stickers are quickly becoming popular demand collections.  We have our Kaleidoscope Owl and our Tribal Owls


Heart Sticker Co has several Bigfoot Stickers and a couple of Yeti stickers available.  They have been some of our best sellers since we released them several years ago.  Every now and then we create new creature stickers as well.  We also have some Kaleidoscope Bears, Wolf and Cougar available as well as some Landing Raven GoT (Game of Throne inspired) and a Rising Phoenix. 

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